Adnews, 15 June 2021

The NSW Government’s Office of Responsible Gambling has launched a new campaign, Number that Changed My Life, targeting cultuarally and linguistically diverse (CALD) audiences.

The campaign came to life after a program of in-depth research and extensive consultation with gambling counsellors who work with multicultural clients and those impacted by gambling.

“Gambling is an issue for people from all walks of life, however, research shows that people from a migrant background face different issues and significant barriers in seeking help,” the Office of Responsible Gambling’s (the Office) director, Natalie Wright says.

“When someone from a culturally diverse background is struggling with gambling, they often don’t recognise that it’s an issue. Even when they do, shame and stigma can stop them from getting help. It’s often friends and family who initiate help seeking.”

The Office appointed Loud to develop the campaign strategy and creative, following a competitive pitch.

While tailored for each community, the campaign draws on insights that are prevalent across all communities.

Loud and Identity Communications worked closely to execute the campaign across the complex multicultural media landscape.

“We were thrilled to be able to contribute strategically and creatively to such an important campaign with so many nuances,” Loud CEO Lorraine Jokovic says.

“Gambling related harm doesn’t just affect the individual, it also impacts their loved ones, so it was critical to get our messaging relevant to each and every audience we need to reach.

“The result is a campaign that highlights success stories to build hope, encourage the audience to seek help and reaffirm that seeking support can change their lives.” 

Identity Communications managing director Thang Ngo says working with Loud ensured the message of the campaign was “unmissable” in multicultural media.

“Knowing that shame is a key barrier to seeking counselling, we engaged with multicultural community groups and other key stakeholders to help spread the message and to assure our audience that there is no shame in seeking help,” Ngo says.

Bespoke campaign creative has been developed for the Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Korean and Indian communities.

The campaign will air on all media channels including ethnic print, radio, TV, digital, online video and OOH and will be supported by community engagement initiatives.