Full Moon, our strategy process is developed in four stages – each one honing closer to the campaign solution, delivering greater clarity until the final strategy is developed:

  • Insights: we bring the widest possible range of learnings, tools, and data to help develop key insights. In addition to standard industry tools such as Roy Morgan, we use learnings from past campaigns and proprietary IDENTITY tools such as DIMPLE
  • Platform: the Insights help us to form the campaign Platform – a clear expression of the key problem to be addressed
  • Validation: the campaign Platform is tested using INFORM!, our multicultural community panel
  • Full Moon Strategy: The final Strategy is a comprehensive plan to deliver on the Platform, with recommended campaign initiatives, timings, budgets and measures of success. We use a range of proprietary tools to implement the Strategy including AudienceAU and INFLUENCE.


IDENTITY uses a range of smart, proprietary tools to plan and implement campaigns:

  • DIMPLE (Diversity in Media Planning Language and Ethnicity): holds data on 90% of the Australian population including the top 24 languages spoken in the country group in 14 categories including age, English proficiency, income, family composition and year of arrival. Sourced from the latest Australian Census, it stores a potential 308 million data points with data accessible at a macro level: national, state, and local government, down to specific postcode level.
  • INFORM!: is a panel of community members which IDENTITY can engage to provide feedback on creative concepts and community engagement initiatives. The panel is made of members of community groups and/or in-language media publishers – people who can take the pulse of the community.
  • INFLUENCE: we have developed a list of key influencers for the top language groups in Australia which can be used, where relevant, to support and amplify campaign messaging. These people have been identified because of their powerful influence within their respective communities, some are active within the community, others have a high media profile, while others may have an engaged social media following.
  • AudienceAU: Working with sister agency Cadreon, IDENTITY we can now serve banner advertising to Australians who visit overseas sites via a programmatic trading desk. For example, this means we can deliver your advertising to a Chinese speaker in Sydney who visits a website based in China, opening up exponentially more digital options for you to communicate with multicultural customers.


IDENTITY is one of the largest buyer of in-language media in Australia. This scale allows us to offer rates up to 65% lower than card rate.


No other multicultural agency can access the range of communication services expertise available to IDENTITY – from programmatic digital, mobile and apps, social media, influencers and activations. Having this unmatched diversity of product offerings allow us to recommend the most effective communication channels to implement the agreed strategy, going beyond the usual, in-language print and radio advertising and media release recommendations.


We believe collaboration between “mainstream” and multicultural agencies will improve the effectiveness and cost efficiency of campaigns.

We like to play nicely in the sandbox.

IDENTITY has a track record of working collaboratively with mainstream media and creative agencies to adapt for multicultural audiences. For Transport for NSW, we are working with the client and their agencies, including UM for media and Transport for NSW’s roster of creative agencies to ensure campaign resonates with multicultural audiences.