By Wei Ng, Account Director 


Last week, Identity Communications had the pleasure of bringing together a group of Chinese social media influencers, also known as Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), to test drive Hyundai’s exciting Electric Vehicle range: the KONA Electric, IONIQ plug-in Hybrid and IONIQ Electric.

The day went down very well thanks to Sydney putting on a sunny face to keep the rain clouds away for our drive into the beautiful Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

Here are five tips that will help to achieve a successful event for client, influencers and project planner (i.e. yourself).

1. Do a site reconnaissance before the event day

This will take time out of your diary but it’s crucial if you want the day to pan out to expectations. As much as possible, we scouted possible driving routes to ascertain the best one, visited pitstops and ideate on photoshoots, ensured the lunch spot catered for a big group of guests and clocked the whole journey to see if we could fit all the activities in. Whether it’s a test drive, a sit-down function or any influencer event you are planning for, a full practise run is invaluable to minimise potential hiccups on the actual day.

The morning presentation is set up the day before.

2. Make sure everyone speaks English (or a common language)
On any other occasion, this wouldn’t even cross your mind. But to host an event where your social media influencers and the media organisations are planning to create content in Chinese, it makes sense to ensure that, while they’re well-versed in Chinese, they should also have an adequate level of English proficiency. After all, they will be required to translate your client’s press releases or answers to Q&As into Chinese, and can only do so accurately if they are proficient enough in English. That said, have someone who can be that go-to person for both clients and influencers to interpret information bilingually. For example, we had someone who spoke in Mandarin to the media and influencers throughout the day, for simple things such as rounding the group for a photoshoot with the cars or translating technical words about car specs. It helps to keep the influencers and media at ease when someone speaks their language.

3. Allow plenty of time for influencers to create and share content in real time
You may assume a test drive will merely involve a lot of driving, close-up shots of alloy wheels and peering under the car hood. None of that happened, except for the driving. Instead, there were drones, poses in scenic locations along the route with the cars, influencers gaping in awe as one of the Electric Vehicles self-parked, and A LOT of selfies. After all, it wasn’t about selling wheels. It’s about being inspired and finding the inspirational in these cars. Moreover, the influencers were immediately logging onto their social platforms to share as soon as they finished their selfies. The instant creating and sharing won’t be the full extent of what influencers are giving back to the day, but it is part and parcel. The more time you give them, the more they are able to share with their thousands of followers a taste of what’s to come and to build excitement.

A group shot posted online on the day immediately received hundreds of likes.

4. Engage a professional for photo and film shoots
The influencers are recorders of the event but to do the project justice, have a professional capture the day. This ensures you cover every aspect that’s important for your brand. It’s great for internal press releases for the client to share within the business. Furthermore, such content becomes your client’s property and can then be shared on owned platforms or for you to share with other media and gain additional PR.

A social media influencer being filmed on location

5. Involve the clients
The client is the brand expert. But technical specifications and brand history aside, Chinese social influencers love it when the client team takes the time to go through the whole experience with them, to entertain every question raised and to demonstrate what makes their product uniquely different. It’s akin to special treatment and that is something no press release or gift pack can match. The client will enjoy going through the experience too because if your invited Chinese influencers are being themselves, they’re sure to be entertaining and fun.

Scott Nager, Senior manager of Future Mobility and Government, demonstrating the Nexo’s self-parking capabilities.